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Queer Design Club’s mission is to promote and celebrate all the amazing work that happens at the intersection of queer identity and design world wide—from LGBTQ+ designers’ contributions to the industry to design’s role in queer activism throughout history.

What We’re Building

Our goal is to create community for queer creators to share their work, connect with their creative history, and build relationships with one another. The project is distributed across platforms—some public, some closed—to give members a variety of ways to participate.

If you’re a queer designer, you’re already a member of Queer Design Club, but to particpate in our community spaces, we ask you to read and agree to our Code of Conduct.

Designer Directory

We are building an independent listing of queer-identified creators across industries and skill sets. This public resource will:

  • Give individual LGBTQ+ designers a space to highlight their work
  • Increase the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community within the design industry
  • Create employment and speaking opportunities for LGBTQ+ creators
  • Help queer-identified creators connect with their peers

Share your work to be included in the directory.

Closed Slack Group

Our closed slack group is a safe space to connect with other queer design professionals, offer resources, post job listings, and share projects that you’re working on.

Request an invitation to the Slack.

Community Highlights

We’re creating an online publication and newsletter to highlight the most inspiring activity from our community. Don’t worry, it won’t be spammy.

Social Networks

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, where we will share cool design content, inspiration, and community highlights.


John Hanawalt

Portfolio Medium

John Hanawalt is a gay designer who teaches, writes, and advocates for a more inclusive, just design industry and world. He’s worked with non-profits, social enterprises, and other good causes over the last decade and believes a good designer isn’t just a decorator, they’re a trouble maker. He’s an alum of Mule Design, the OutCast Agency, Elefint Designs, and Fenway Health. He has an English bulldog/pug mix who has more instagram followers than him.

Rebecca Brooker

Portfolio Instagram

Rebecca is a queer graphic designer from Trinidad and Tobago. She currently lives in Buenos Aires after living in NYC for 6 years. She works as a designer at MediaMonks and as a partner at Planthouse Studio. In her free time, she’s usually practicing boxing, shitposting on Twitter, hosting dinner parties with friends and spending time with plants and nature. She values communities and loves bringing people together which is what led her to start this one.

Special Thanks…

This project is inspired and informed by a number of other projects working to increase representation of under-represented minorities in design and tech. Check them out!